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Cutting-Edge Techniques

providing patients the best orthopedic care possible.

Dr. Jason Stanford

Shoulder Arthroscopy


A minimally invasive procedure that allows for much quicker healing when compared to more serious surgeries.



Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery will enable you to change directions without your knee slipping or giving way.

Joint Replacement


Specializing in three areas of replacement surgery: Shoulder, Knee and Hip.



Dr. Jason Stanford is a board certified specialist with a focus on soft tissue preservation surgery and rapid recovery.

He provides state of the art hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgery.

Whether it’s non-operative management, tissue-sparing joint replacement or complex arthroscopic surgery, Dr. Stanford’s goal is to combine cutting-edge technology and techniques to provide patients the best orthopedic care possible.




Bike to the Ballpark with Covenant Clinic this summer!

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Upcoming May Joint Camp

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Waterloo Schools Trick or Trot 5K/1 Mile Family Fun Run

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In shoulder replacement surgery, the parts of the bones that rub together are replaced with metal and plastic implants.  Using minimally invasive instruments, Dr. Stanford will remove the damaged, arthritic portions of the bones and replace them with a new artificial shoulder.   READ MORE

Knee pain can severely affect your ability to lead a full and active life.  Most activities of daily living involve the use of the knee, so knee pain is a common complaint among patients. Severe knee pain is typically caused by advanced arthritis of the knee joint. Other symptoms include limited motion and swelling. Total knee replacement surgery is one of the most effective, safe and commonly performed procedures to treat severe arthritis.   READ MORE

A painful hip can limit your everyday activities.  The hip joint is one of the largest joints in our body. It bears significant weight as we pursue our daily lives.  Advanced arthritis in the hip joint limits the range of motion and leads to pain, which interferes in many facets of daily life.   READ MORE